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Turn your waiting room television into a patient education super center with our new Digital Posters!

The Back Talk Systems Digital Poster Option is a digital device that attaches to your waiting room television. This product will allow your clinic to utilize your television as an advertising and patient education billboard. Each poster comes customized with your clinic name appearing on the screen. In addition to the billboard feature, the device also allows you to play our renowned Chiropractic videos in English or Spanish without the need to attach another device to the television.

The device is easy to conceal behind the television eliminating the visual mess of cables and extra boxes. Ideal for widescreen applications the digital device can service new and old televisions with RCA and HDMI output. All content is provided in brilliant high definition to maximize the impact of the message.

Pricing includes all hardware and cables needed for successful operation and your choice of Back Talk Systems content. Additionally, our content options allow you to choose the amount of content that is relevant to your clinic.