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Practice Marketing

Keeping your business' target direct and consistent.

Business Cards

Great for promoting you and your practice! Work with our customization department to customize business cards that you are proud to hand out! We make the process easy by providing layouts for you to choose from. All you have to do is provide your practice information and your logo if you have one!


Great for promoting healthy habits! Each bookmark is designed with your clinic information as well as your logo if you have one. The backside can either be an appointment reminder or mini-calendar. Steer away from typical appointment cards and hand out bookmarks that patients can re-use even after they come in.

Calendar Cards

A gift of gratitude goes a long way, especially when they come in handy for your patients. Calendar cards are customized with your clinic information and an appointment reminder on the back. You can even get them as a magnet to be placed on the fridge as a reminder of your practice!

Office Pads

People say, "It's the little things in life that count." Anyone can make a powerful impact with the right tools. We provide you and your practice with standard, yet unique designs to create compelling materials. Office pads, similar to letterheads, help create a strong brand for your patients to remember who their Chiropractic service provider is.

Chiropractically Speaking Newsletters

The most direct tool to communicate chiropractic and the healthy lifestyle to current and prospective patients. Our creative team is driven to design the best newsletter that suits you and your practice needs. Whether it's an in-office newsletter or mailer to your patient list or prospects, our team is dedicated to providing you with the most professional tools for patient education and retention.